Birds currently available at Bimbimbi Birds

At Bimbimbi Birds we nearly always have birds for sale. Many of the birds are hand reared specifically for companion birds (ie. pets), and these usually for specific orders. Although some of the better pet species like Blue & Gold and Hahn's Macaws and Yellow Crowned Amazons and African Greys are hand reared in anticipation of companion bird orders. A great deal of care is taken while rearing our young birds for this market as the methods of feeding, handling and weaning are important to the final quality and nature of the bird.

Many of our young birds are parent reared (even the big Macaws), to be used in breeding programs by other breeders. We're not saying hand reared birds are not used for breeding and in fact we have some second generation hand reared parents that are reproducing extremely well. Some of these birds are actually better breeders because they will tolerate our interference at breeding time.

All our birds are DNA sexed by Curtin University in Western Australia. Over the years hundreds have been processed and to date we are not aware of any incorrect results. We are extremely happy with their service and recommend them to those preferring to have their own birds DNA sexed within Australia.

Our pricing philosophy at Bimbimbi Birds is "our price to you is fair and reasonable, reflective of our mutual understanding for the species required". Therefore it's important you know the species you wish to purchase and are prepared to openly disclose your requirements so that we can offer you the best possible transaction. Prices negotiated are between you (the purchaser) and Bimbimbi Birds (the seller) and disclosure of these may be to the detriment of any advantage gained.

Please have a look through our two lists of birds available and contact us at your earliest should any of these be of interest to you.

Birds for Sale
from 2011/12 Season & Older
Birds for Sale
from 2012/13 Season